Do You Agree That Love Lives For Three Years And Then Dies?

Can Romantic Love Last For A Lifetime, Or Does It, By Nature, Have An Expiry Date?

One writer profusely suggested that love can only last for three years, which has become a major topic in recent times. Love is a fever that eventually leads to death, right? Well, some seem to agree. This perspective has rubbed on to many, which has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, how much truth does this theory ‘love lasts for three years’ hold? Are we doomed to parting ways with our loved ones once the expiry date hits?

It Seems That The Are Signs Of Giving Up, Doesn’t It?

Honestly, it all depends on the couple. Every couple has a unique love story, specific to only them. Love is not all about the infatuation feeling people confuse it with. It’s composed of so many elements that come together to make the word ‘love’ whole and to make a relationship last. The crucial thing is to discover and remain interested in each other.

A Relationship Should Never Grow Old

Every day brings new experiences and a chance to learn and discover your partner. The fallacy that love can only last for three years is only because we idealize the other person and create an idea of who and what they should be. Once the idealized image hits a roadblock, we take a big fall and want out or start affairs. The AshleyMadison review is an example of just how many people are looking for affairs.
If we accept the reality as it is and accept people as they are, maybe this misconception can die as well.

Does Love Last For Three Years?

This question doesn’t have a definitive answer. It all depends on what you do with love. It can last for even lesser time. It can last for a lifetime. We have seen so many couples loving each other to their old ages, right? If love only lasts for three years, why are most of our loving parents and loving grandparents still together?
When it comes to love, people say that the first moments are the most exciting. The love story seems to fade once the honeymoon phase is over. During this period, a person doesn’t notice their partner’s faults or doesn’t pay attention. They appear perfect in their eyes. But as time elapses and the infatuation lessens, the flaws seem to surface and time only seems to dig up more faults.
This is why people feel like they are falling out of love with their significant other, which apparently occurs in the span of three years.
However, this doesn’t have to be so. You have to keep your feet firmly on the ground and not idealize your significant other. Every human being evolves in the course of their lives and love also has different stages. You only have to remember what made you fall in love with them; remember the pleasure of being with them and what made you choose them over everyone else.
It is crucial not to base love on fairy tales because love is nothing like “living happily ever after”. There will be challenges, and it won’t be perfect. Growing together, discovering each other and understanding every day will keep you together. If each partner keeps this in mind, they will discover that love can actually last for more than three years.